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Kiev, Ukraine

Tech keys
CI/CD, TFS, AzureDevOps, Gitlab, Jenkins, TeamCity
AZURE, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, K8S, AKS, docker, Kubernetes, Swarm
VMware HA clustering
CCNA cisco, net OSI
AzureMSQSl, MSSQL, POSTGRESS, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL WEB hosting
CSS, HTML, php, NODE.js
Python, Pascal, PowerShell, BASH
Windows GPO, DFS, FSMO, AD, Forest, domain, RDSfarm
SAN, ISCSI storages
CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu, OraLinux, FreeBSD


Outside of work
Ride brevet bicycle, run, triathlon
Don’t smoke
English: pre-Intermediates(B1+)
Family status: not married.
Date of birth:  22 April 1986



DevOps cloud solutions, Senior architector IT infrastructure



  • Dockers, CI/CD/CD, piplines, AzureDevOps, Kubernetes(AKS, K8S BM), Swarm, Terraform, Ansible, Scram, Kanban
  • Middle Devops with more then 2 years experience
  • More than 12 year experience with IT infrastructure (network, services).
  • Great skill communicate with customers and business (troubleshooting and design IT infrastructure )
  • Great skill in hardware support (server different brands)
  • Self education and grown up skills (network, Windows, VMware products, Cisco, HPE, Veeam)


February 2023



Cloud and BareMetal infrastructure


  • Implement CI/CD/CD for CRM system for 1000+ active operators
  • Kanban, Waterfall
  • Swarm, BM
  • Ansible for provising infrastructure, GitLab as CI tools
  • Stack systems: Node.js, php, javascript, React, Laravel

August 2022

"EPAM Ukraine"


TryToMiddle (Azure Cloud Solutions)


  • Azure WebApplication, Functions, Alerts, Monitoring, LoadBalancer, Firewall, Vms
  • Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall
  • AKS, BM-Kuberneties
  • Terraform for provising AKS, WebApp, LB and everything of Azure :)
  • AzureDEVOPS
  • B1+ English



July 2021

"Infopulse Ukraine"


DevOps Engineer (Cloud Solutions)


  • Design, improve, implement, support CI/DC processes
  • Support relises on .NET, Angular, Java(gradle, yard, docker, Visual Studio)
  • Team Foundation Server(TFS),Azure DevOps on cloud, Jenkins, TeamCity
  • Support AKS, K8S on BL clusters, dockers
  • Windows Terminal farms, linux, Kubernetes, dockers, Azure, AWS
  • Support and design VMware infrastructure, Windows(terrminal farms, ADC, Azure GP)
  • Network infrastructure - HPE, cisco, extreme networks, Fortigate
  • Support IT infrastructure customers major question
  • Escalation tasks to vendors.




"SmartLink consulting"


Deputy Head of the IT Department


  • Support IT infrastructure 500+ host, 500+ users;
  • Windows Terminal farms, DFS, SQL;
  • Support and design VMware infrastructure;
  • Network infrastructure (physical and logical) - HPE, cisco, extreme networks;
  • User support major question;
  • Consulting project design and technical support services;
  • Coordination administrators;
  • Escalation tasks to vendors.






Senior system administrator


  • L3 support IT infrastructure base on Unix, Windows, VMware, OpenStack, ProxMox;
  • Design project for colocations customers.






Senior system administrator of support IT infrastructure


  • L3 support IT infrastructure 400+ hosts, 1000+ users;
  • Support servers base on OS Win2008, 2012, Red Hat, ESXi5-7, Vcenter. Hardware HP c7000 + blades G7-9, HP storage;
  • Communicate with support partners and other departments;
  • Control backup and restore systems, write to tape for save in other Secure storage;
  • Process tickets from service Desk;
  • Support AD policy, Exchange server 2010.






Senior system administrator


  • L3 support CRM systems (PL/SQL Oracle, php, network interaction);
  • CRM systems);
  • Support servers based on OS Win2008, 2012, Red Hat (backups, monitoring load and availability services);
  • Communicate with developers of systems (planning, support install updates, builds).

2010 - 2017



Head of IT department


  • Support 3 regional parts of company( КГС-6 (100 workplaces +10 servers), LTD «Novograd» (60 workplaces  + 6 servers), LTD «Домсервис» (10 workplaces)).;
  • Stack Windows services (AD, Terminals, ISA, WSUS) and network connections;
  • Organization backups and monitoring;
  • Carrying out tenders, preparation and support of contracts with distributors and suppliers of the equipment and software;
  • Support, develop site company (html, php, css, javascript).




“Indastrial Media NetworkIPNET” (net provider)


NOC engineer


  • Customer support (by phone);
  • Monitoring all servers of company by CRM;
  • Configure active net device (Switch 2, 3 layer, routers), FreeBSD routers;
  • Write manuals for department and Study colleagues;
  • Servicing of computing, copy\fax technics.





  • CI/CD, Kuberneties(AKS, BareMetal), Ansible;
  • Support 400+ products hosts converged environment;
  • Support infrastructure 1000+ end of users;
  • Great skills in  Configuring Windows stack services: Active Directory, GPO, DFS, DNS, DHCP, WSUS, MSSQL, IIS etc;
  • VMware infrastructure (HA cluster, SAN and ISCSI storage);
  • Enterprise hardware servers HPE blades, Storage(SAN, NAS, FC);
  • Communication with different departments,customers.





National Technical University of Ukraine (NTUU KPI) (Kyiv)
Department:  Instrument making development (honours degree)
Specialist degree


“Interlingva” English, level “Upper-Intermediate Level


Training Center "Контакт", "System administration advance UNIX"


Training Center “NetTrain” cisco CCNA R&S.


10969: Active Directory Services with Windows Server 2012 ITEA

2021 March-May

"Base Python"

2021 april

"LU-42 Partner: NDG Linux Unhatched" CISCO NETacad

2021 August

"AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals" WhizLabs

2023 Aprile

"AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals" Microsoft

2022 Feb-September

"DevOps" ITEA

Personal physical achievements

2021 September

"Bicycle marafon full Run marafon 100km" Velosotka Kiev

2021 September

"Run mountain trail Ultra Run marafon "Скелі Довбуша" 52km" Skole

2021 September

"Run mountain trail Ultra Run marafon "Chornohora Sky Marathon" 62km" ChornohoraSkyMarathon

2021 October

"Run full Run marafon 42.5km less then 4h" runukraine

2020 September

"Bicycle big trip over then 600km on mountain" Katpaty